Extreme Babysitter Fantasy with Potty Play

Babysitter Stefanie for Potty Play

I’m always up for a babysitter phone sex roleplay, no matter how dirty or extreme you want to get. Just last night I played a tease and denial game with a caller who likes potty play. I was his babysitter and I wanted to show him who was boss. I loved forcing him into his bedroom and making him lie face down on the bed. I pulled his shorts down around his ankles and propped a couple of pillows under his belly and then I opened up a large diaper and laid it directly under him. This caller isn’t really into ABDL encounters so much, but when I slid the diaper underneath of him to catch his mess, he got really turned on.

I made him drink a ton of water earlier in the evening so I knew he had to go really badly. I massaged his tiny dick and whispered in his ear, telling him just to let go and enjoy that warm wet rush as he began to pee all over the diaper. Then I started to massage his little bottom, lubricating his tiny hole with Vaseline before I forced my finger inside his pink puckered little butt hole. As he began to moan and groan I encouraged him to push against me.  Just as his anal orifice began to open up and empty, I knew that his extreme potty play babysitter was going to get him off with intense pleasure now!

Potty play, also know as toilet fetish play, is just one of the many babysitter fantasies that I can fulfill for you. There are many different kinds of role play scenarios that we can do such as smoking; medical exams; cock and ball (CBT) torture; extreme or forced humiliation; stocking, panty or shoe fetish play, and the list goes on…

There are no limits when you open up your mind and call my fantasy phone sex hot line!  Pick up the phone and let me be your sexy babysitter who has naughty games in store just for you!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

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