Extreme Underage Mommy Fantasies

Are you looking to role play with an extreme underage phone sex Mommy?  I’m Debbie and I can’t wait to be your extreme phone sex Mommy over the phone. You can be my little underage boy and do exactly what I tell you to do when I come and catch you jerking your cock off in your bedroom with a pair of my silky panties.

Did you think I didn’t know you were sneaking into my room? I have found cum stains on my underwear more than once. To be honest it kind of makes Mommy a little horny imagining what you look like with your tiny little hand wrapped around your underage dick. Now that I’ve caught you I just can’t seem to look away. Would you keep stroking that young cock for me while I play with my massive tits in front of you?

I love being an extreme underage phone sex mommy and believe incest is best so let’s keep it in the family. Sound enticing to you? Maybe Mommy can teach her innocent little boy exactly how to suck and lick a pussy. Or maybe even how to fuck like a pro. Do you want to be a big boy for Mommy?  I’m up for any type of extreme underage fantasy you can dream of.  All you have to do is tell me how old you’d like to be for our incest fantasy role play and the games can begin!

Mm-mm the extreme underage fun we’re going to have! What this phone sex mommy is going to do to you will drive you wild with excitement and leave you craving more!  Call me soon! I can’t wait to hear you pumping your rod and shooting bucket loads of cum just for me!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

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