Incest Games with a Delicious Mommy

Incest Games with a Delicious Mommy

Want to know something that really gets my pussy wet? I love twisted and taboo phone sex fantasies about playing incest games with horny young men.  I adore being a Mommy for a sweet, vulnerable young boy. If you fantasize about being that boy on hot mommy phone sex call and it’s something that makes your cock really stiff, than I bet the two of us could have a lot of hot fun together over the phone!

I’m Lauren and I’ve been doing fantasy role play phone sex calls for a while now and most consider me to the loving nurturing type, perhaps because I am a Mommy in real life too.  Don’t get me wrong, I can also be a demanding Mommy too, but most would say I’m more of a sensual dominatrix type.  So if you have sexual fantasies that involve an older woman figure or even your own mother? I’d be happy to role play that woman for you on your very own individualized fantasy phone sex call with me!  If you love incest games as much as I do we’re the perfect match when it comes to phone sex calls!

For your incest fantasy call maybe I could walk past your room and catch you masturbating. “Oh my baby, you sure have a big cock for such a young man”. Do you think if Mommy came in to your room you would be embarassed and hide under the covers? Now come baby, don’t be shy. In our hot, and extremely taboo phone sex call I’m going to take a hold of that cock and stroke it for you nice and slow. Would you like that? Mommy really wants to play incest games with my little boy!

Let’s enjoy delicious incest games during a hot and steamy taboo phone sex session together and both end up very messy from cumming so hard. Are you up for it?  I  know I am!  I’ll anxiously be awaiting for your call…

Lauren – 1-877-513-6897

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