Perverted Teacher Pops Schoolgirl Cherry

perverted teacher fantasy

Perverted Teacher Pops her Cherry –

You’re one of those creepy perverted teachers all the kids talk about at school aren’t you? You know you go home after school is out and jerk off thinking about those tight little bums that run around all day teasing and taunting you with their innocence. But today you decide you’ve had enough and you decide to take matters into your own hands.  You decide on a sexy little teen schoolgirl (me) and begin your cherry popping mission…

It’s after class, and you surprise me by asking me to come into your office. I follow behind you, and then close the door behind me. I get very nervous when you ask me to lock it, too. But I do, then sit down in the chair across from your desk.

You start to tell me that my grades have been slipping, and unfortunately I’m failing your class, which means I’ll be held back next year. I start to cry and ask you if there’s anything I could do. I tell you I’ll do whatever it takes, no matter how difficult.

I meant extra credit schoolwork, but you take it as something else. And after all, I did say whatever it takes. You stand up and tell me that in order to pass; I need to be your little slut for the rest of the semester.  I mean, I heard you were a perverted teacher but I really didn’t think you would seriously do something about it.  I thought perverts  jerked off in private but never tried anything in person?

I start to cry and beg, but you just repeat yourself, and then step away from your desk. I see now that you’ve pulled out your cock, and it’s rock hard standing straight up. You tell me to suck it, as I’m still begging you not to make me. I realize that there’s no other way and start walking over to you but you stop me and tell me to crawl. As I drop down on my knees, I feel utterly humiliated.

When I get to you, I sit up and start sucking on your dick. I feel you thrusting your hips and then grab onto my braided pigtails so you can fuck my mouth. I hear you grunt and moan as I gag and choke.

Then you stop, only to point at the desk and tell me to slide off my panties from underneath my skirt, and then bend over it with my butt in the air. You ask me if I’m still a virgin, and I tell you “yes”. “Not for long,” I hear you say, and you start to slide it in…

What do you say we finish this extremely perverted phone sex fantasy together? You can role play that perverted teacher and end this taboo phone sex fantasy any way you’d like!  My teen body is your new playground.  You can pop whichever cherry your cock is craving.   I’ll be waiting for you…

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