Snuff Fantasy Realized with Deviant Phone Sex Accomplice


Are you the type of man that needs an extreme phone sex fantasy to get your cock hard as a rock and oozing pre-cum? Good, because that’s the kind of phone sex that makes my cunt drip with arousal. If your cock is twitching and you’re having twisted taboo thoughts, call me!  I’ll use my deviant imagination to turn your twisted snuff desires into a reality as I guide you to ecstasy.

When one of my favorite deviant phone sex callers rings my number I know just what he’s looking for.  A super extreme perverted phone sex role play. He’s told me that the only way his cock can get rock hard and cum hard; is when I give him exactly what he’s craving. For him, it’s me being his accomplice phone sex lover. One who prowls the streets and neighborhood parks for him.  He wants young mother with her little baby girl. So of course this night was no exception.  I began my search and found exactly what he was looking for!

Snuff fantasy with extreme accomplice

This extreme snuff fantasy was just about to begin… I snatched her up and threw both the mother and the baby in the trunk of my car and drove them home. My deviant lover is waiting to help me drag them inside into the basement where nobody can hear their cries and screams. I rip the baby out of the mothers’ arms then hold a knife to the babies’ neck and look into the mother’s eyes. I then tell her to get naked.

After the mother is tied to the bed I turn my attention to the baby. I begin to rip her clothes and hold her up for my lover’s inspection. Pulling her little legs apart to show him her bright pink baby fuck hole then turn her over to show off her tiny ass hole as well. I then start sucking the baby’s nipples and finger her tiny smooth pussy. I tell my lover to quickly get naked. His cock was hard standing at attention when I grabbed the baby by her ankles then spread them wide so he can taste her baby cunt. I then ripped her legs apart until they cracked and the baby screamed that’s when he begged to fuck her. As he forced his dick deep into her holes he cried out for me to punch the baby and hurt her.

The baby’s Mom yelled for us to stop but I kept punching the baby in the stomach as my he continued fucking all her holes. The more I made the baby scream and cry the harder and wilder he fucked her holes. I placed my hands around her neck then slowly squeezed until my perverted phone sex caller edged one last time. When he started pumping his cock again he told me to start squeezing tighter and tighter. When he yelled out I’m cumming is when I went all the way with this snuff fantasy and squeezing until she let out her last breath.

I creamed on her face

But this snuff accomplice phone sex fantasy wasn’t over yet… He let out and evil chuckle and said that the baby’s mother was next. I pushed her down on her back and sat on her face then reached for her feet. I pulled them up over her head then wide apart to open both her holes. He climbed on top of her and raped her pussy then her ass as I humped and fucked her face. Both me and my caller climaxed together. He shot his load up her ass while I creamed her face, then snuffed her out. My caller was breathless lying there with his cock limp and sexually sedated, I knew then, I made his perverted phone sex fantasy cum true.

I’m ready wet and very willing to join you in a fantasy phone sex session of your dreams. All you have to do is call me, tell me exactly what makes your cock hard as a rock and oozing pre cum. Then I’ll do whatever it takes to make your twisted sexual desires cum true. Call me, let’s play!

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