Twisted Accomplice Fantasy Fun with Corporal Punishment

Twisted Accomplice: Extremely Frustrated Father of a Deviant Teenage Daughter

If you’re looking for an extreme phone sex fantasy girl whose line is always open for horny men looking to get off, you’ve found your match! There is nothing hotter than hearing a man blow his load with me over the phone!  Especially when he’s an animated masturbator and loud when he cums!

If you are that type of man, then you should get your mind in the gutter now!  Get your cock in your hand and give me a call for your very own, personalized twisted accomplice fantasy today.

I always like it when men call me up and want to mix a few taboo ideas together. The idea of  mixing extreme topics with a twisted phone sex fantasy call sounds so hot. Recently I had a caller who is a very sexually frustrated father who has a teenage daughter and he was looking for a twisted accomplice phone sex partner to bring his fantasy to life.

This type of fantasy call is right up my alley because I really enjoy twisted accomplice phone sex fantasies! This is a safe place to bring my wickedly creative imagination alive. Not only for my callers sexual gratification, but for mine too!

Let’s role play that you are my neighbor.  You’re a single dad of a teenage girl who has been acting out. Not only acting out, but failing school and now in trouble with the police. You confide in me that you don’t know what to do about her behavior.  You are troubled and ask if I can talk with her. I tell you that I will do more than talk if you’d like.  If you trust me 100% I’ll fix her attitude in no time.

You might think that me coming over and stripping her naked is a bit extreme.  If you are open minded, you’ll be surprised how quick she learns humility. I’m a firm believer in corporal punishment and when I take the cane to her ass, she’ll be begging for mercy and promising anything to stop it.

It won’t stop here either; I can see the bulge in your pants out of the corner of my eye and know that you’re sick and twisted mind has your cock rock hard at thought of having your punishment stick in your daughter’s holes. Which hole do you want to stick your cock in first, her mouth, pussy or ass?

I’ll not only participate with corporal punishment for your twisted phone sex fantasy, but I’ll guide and encourage you to do whatever your cock and balls are after when it comes to punishing your teenage daughter for being a deviant little brat.

Grab your cock, get your mind in the gutter and call me!  I can’t wait to be your extremely twisted accomplice partner!  I’ll give you a fantasy role play that will have your cock and balls exploding with the hottest call ever!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973

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