Age Play Fantasy: Daddy Blackmailed by Underage Daughter

age play fantasy blackmail

Why do I love age play fantasy phone sex? Because phone sex is all about exploring your fantasies and in our fantasies, we can be whomever and whatever we want to be. It’s about things we might not be able to do in “reality”. It’s all about the freedom to explore our mutual sexual desires in a safe and consensual environment. It’s a huge turn-on to be somebody or something that you’re not in your normal, boring everyday life. Would you agree?  I like to get kinky during age play fantasy phone sex calls and some of my favorite “kinks” involve incest. One of my favorite types of incest fantasy fun is engaging in a daddy daughter role play.

During age play fantasy phone sex, I especially love being Daddy’s little girl! It’s even naughtier if I’m your underage daughter! I can be a sweet, innocent virgin or a dirty, devious little slut. Maybe you’d like to teach your naïve little girl how to please you, Daddy? Or better yet, I can be that naughty teasing slut that blackmails Daddy into doing nasty things to and for me?

After getting out class early from school, I come home and catch you jacking off with my pink teen panties.  Now that I’ve see what a pervert my Daddy really is I decide to blackmail you into buying me new clothes so won’t tell Mom about what you were doing in my bedroom today after school. After my clothes closet is full and I’m the best dressed girl in town I realize it’s time to really get down to business and make you service my teenage pussy.  I’ve not only got you wrapped around my little finger as Daddy’s little princess, I’ve got you mind fucked into being my pussy pleasing pervert too! Ha ha ha!

Whether we are just chatting and talking about your sexual attraction to extremely underage girls and/or boys, or we are participating in an extreme underage role play where I’m Daddy’s girl, I’m certain I’ll make you cum.  I will do whatever it takes to hear you shoot your load in our extremely hot age play fantasy together too.  All you have to do is tell me what kind of kinky incest, age play or blackmail phone sex you’re looking for… A sweet, innocent little girl to teach and do as you please with or a devious blackmailing daughter?  Call me soon to experience incest phone sex at it’s best!

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