Age Play Orgasms with Mommy Lauren

Age Play with Mommy Lauren

Don’t you just love role playing age play sex fantasies? Being able to achieve an orgasm with mommy phone sex is amazing, isn’t it? Doesn’t mommy’s tits and ass turn you on every time you look at it? I know when my son looks at my body, his dick gets so hard and that is why he calls me for his age play role plays. Even though he is so young, I can tell by the way he stares at my big titties that he wants to suck on them like when he was a baby.

We started out this age play fantasy phone sex call by him asking me if milk still came out of my breasts. I told him I wasn’t sure because someone had to suck on them for me to be able to know. I asked him if he wanted to try sucking on them to see if milk would come out. He looked shocked and said yes very eagerly. I took off my top and bra and stood there with my round big tits right out in front of my son. He stared at them and I could tell he was getting turned on. I put them up to his mouth and said “Suck Mommy’s titty” and he did. He put his little young mouth right on my nipple and started to suck and suck. He stopped after a minute and said that no milk was coming out and I told him to keep sucking and it just may. But after ten minutes still nothing. I told him I was getting so horny and wet while he was sucking my tit and asked if he wanted to see how wet I got. I new that this was going to turn our age play fun into something extremely hot.

He shook his head yes and I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the couch, opened up my shaven pussy lips for him and told him to feel. He started to feel it and rub it and put his fingers inside my wet cunt. I wanted to fuck him so bad but I knew that I had to work him slowly in this age play fantasy. I told him to taste it and he got on his knees in front of me and started to lick mommy’s pussy!! After that we did much more. I couldn’t believe all the extremely sexy things I did with my son!

I would love to tell you all about the kinky family fun and incest role play fantasies I can muster up for us!  When you call me we can talk about anything you like with no limits or restrictions because I’m a true taboo phone sex operator and Mommy who stops at nothing to get you off!  Call me now to have your very own age play orgasms with Mommy!

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  1. Austin on January 3, 2023 at 10:43 AM

    Wow, I wanna hear about it so much… that is so damn sexy af. Only as a roleplay, shit one paragraph of this story has made my cock ultra hard.

  2. Lauren on January 4, 2023 at 12:53 PM

    Then give me a call Austin! I’ll make that ultra hard cock feel like it’s never felt before with my velvety voice!

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