Deviant Pedo Calls with a Twist of Snuff

Deviant Debbie for Snuff Fantasies

Hello there, I’m Debbie.  I would like to share with you one of the most mind blowing extreme phone sex calls I’ve recently had. I’m known to be a deviant when it comes to fulfilling taboo fantasies and nothing ever turns me off.  In fact, for me, the more extreme, taboo, twisted and out-there the better!

When this particularly horny caller dialed in to my line he told me he wanted a naughty accomplice phone sex call with a little twist of snuff.  I eagerly accepted the challenge.  I certainly had no idea what I was getting myself into!  Here’s a little teaser about how our fantasy phone sex call went…

Deviant teacher offers extra credit

I played the role of a junior high school teacher for his extreme phone sex fantasy call.  My caller played the role of my boyfriend who also happened to be the principal of the school as well. As one might imagine, these pretty, underage girls trust me. And as a good teacher would do, I offer extra credit.  When I announced that the extra credit would be attending a dinner party that I was throwing, all the girls in my class blew it off; except for one.

This one girl was in desperate need of extra credit or she’d be stuck taking summer classes.  She also just so happened to be the typical blonde stuck up cheerleader too.  When my boyfriend learned who the girl was that would be attending my / our dinner party he instantly became excited.  We both discussed that before she arrived that we would do anything our deviant minds could come up with!

When this little bitch arrived we offered her some delicious appetizers along with yummy alcoholic cocktails that tasted like fruit punch.  Once we get her filled with liquor we knew the fun could begin.  My boyfriend starts by giving her lots of compliments to get her relaxed and comfortable until she ultimately begins to be a cock tease.  She starts by lifting her skirt to show off her sweet young body to him.  She thinks she’s in control, but we know who really has the upper hand.

Cherry popping snuff fantasies

After a few more drinks and her level of intoxication increases, her cock teasing antics have made my boyfriend rock hard. This is when I go into teacher mode.  With a stern voice I tell her that if she wants to act like a slut, then she’s going to get treated like a slut.  She tries to back pedal a little and says that she thought the principal liked it.

With an open hand I slap her across the face. She is stunned and falls over from having too much alcohol.  I pull her up off the floor and lead her to our bedroom; my boyfriend followed behind.  After pushing her back onto the bed I began to remove her clothes. Her wet panties were proof she was a slut too!

I looked at my boyfriend and told him we could just fuck her and send her home after he emptied his balls, but he replied, “what fun would that be”?  After agreeing and told him I wanted to see him on top of her popping her cherry. I continued on by telling him I wanted to see him rubbing her little tits with one hand and choking her with the other.  I wanted to see if he could make her cry and go limp all at the same time.

After I remove all her clothes and tie her to the bed, my boyfriend, the school principal, licked his lips while I stroked his cock.  It was only seconds before he asked if he could rape the little bitch…

Extreme accomplice for twisted fun

If this were your extreme pedophile fantasy how old would this little stuck up bitch be?  Would you take your time to pop her cherry or would you force yourself in? Would you forcefully rip her open and made her bleed with your huge hard cock?  Will you rape all her holes? Are you going to stuff one at a time, or all three at once?

I want to be the accomplice phone sex girl you’ve been searching for.  The one who will visit the violent side of orgasmic bliss; even snuff phone sex at its best!  The possibilities are endless when you call me, so let’s finish this extreme accomplice fantasy the way that will make you cum really hard!

Can’t wait to hear from you and explore this taboo teacher student phone sex fantasy along with any other dark, deviant twisted fantasies have!  They don’t call me delicious deviant Debbie for nothing!  Call me and find out for yourself 🙂

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825


  1. Hurtxore on June 11, 2023 at 8:01 PM

    Absolutely the most sadistic PSO I have met, I will use her again. Necro, pedo, rape, newborn snuff, pedowife accomplice, ages, cp, incest, blood. First time I called her gave her a sadistic scenario and she ran with it. She would take turns leading the conversation. Her dirty talking is fabulous, hearing her use the dead newborn as a flesh light was incredible. I highly recommend you call, she is an expert on how to make you cum. After our little fantasy rapeplay call I looked and my mess and was amazed how much I came. You can tell she has the experience to take your fucked up kitty porn loving pussy tearing dead youth raping obsession to the next level.

  2. Debbie on June 15, 2023 at 11:41 AM

    Wow! Thank you for the nice compliments ❤️

    I absolutely loved being the extremely sadistic PSO who helped you make a big mess! It was my pleasure and you put a smile on my face; that’s for sure! I cant wait to talk again and do another extreme fantasy role play with you!

    Call me soon and let’s see what other kinds of nasty and sadistic stuff we can dabble with to make you have another cum explosion! Until then…

    Debbie ❤️

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