Rape Fantasy: Mother gets violated by a Pedophile Lover

Hello boys, are you looking for a rape fantasy? I hope so because I’m a deviant phone sex mom and you’ve landed on the right page!  Sometimes my taboo phone sex fantasies get real extreme and I am here to tell you guys it’s okay because I love it! One of my favorite dirty clients called in last week and we did an insane rape fantasy. He enjoyed jerking off to thoughts and talk about my daughter and I was supposed to be sickened by it, but we all know that I actually enjoy dirty old perverts jerking off to deviant thoughts about my daughter!

His extreme mother rape fantasy call goes like this…

I walked in and tried to close out the nude pictures of my daughter on his computer screen. He shoved me to the side and kept jerking it. This time, I got physical. I attempted to push him from in front of the computer so I could delete the pictures. He grabbed me by my long, dirty blonde hair and he slammed me to the ground. I just looked at him calling him a sick fuck and a dirty pedophile. That is what a man that jerks his cock to; my naked little girl.  What a sick fucker.

Horny man wants to fuck my daughter but rapes me instead

He wrapped his hand around my throat and told me to get ready for the sickest, most pleasurable fuck I have ever had. He squeezed his hand around my throat while he told me just why he jerks his cock for my underage little girl; because she is a perfect little girl. She has a flat little tight body, virgin bald pussy that he just can’t wait to stick it in.

I tried to scream out that he will never get near my daughter. I told him I would call the cops on him if he ever tried, but that didn’t seem to affect him in the least. He pushed me over to my stomach. I was fighting hard to get up, while he tried to yank my sexy little mommy panties down. I could feel his cock head forcing its way into my ass and all I could think about is keeping him from my little girl. He reached around, wrapping his arm around my throat.

Dirty old man takes what he wants

He held on to me as I felt his cock plunge into my dry, tight asshole. “I am going to rape your ass until you tell me it’s okay to fuck your daughter!” I could feel him pumping and raping my ass harder and faster. As I felt his cock swell and twitch, I knew he was about to blow. But I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of telling him he can fuck her. He asked me one last time if I was going to allow him to fuck my little girl. I told him no one last time and then I felt him grab me by my hair. He slammed my face into the ground; knocking me out. I woke up to my ass filled with cum and my daughter screaming. I guess if you want the rest of my story you’ll have to call and ask!  And when you do, I’ll be sure to make you cum just as hard and much as I did my client on this extreme fantasy call!  Call me soon!

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