Extremely Brutal Rape Fantasy

extremely brutal rape fantasy

I wanted to share with you an extremely brutal rape fantasy story one of my callers shared with me during very twisted fantasy phone sex call with him just the other day. He gets off on the most extreme fantasies and he knows that I love it just as much as he does. Especially when I get to play his wicked accomplice, and partner in crime.

For this particular rape fantasy session here’s what he had in mind:

He and I go cruising on the wrong side of town, looking for a young teenage runaway, someone who wouldn’t be missed. We lure her in the car, kidnap her and bring her home. We have a room set up downstairs, a table in a shape of a X with leather straps. We strap her to the table while she is struggling and crying, she has no idea what is in store for her. She doesn’t know that she is in the hands of sick twisted masochists like us. We hang her hang off of the table and I watch while he skull fucks that pretty young face so hard she turned blue. I then bring out a whip and begin to slash that young flesh.

I climb on top of her and sit on her face while I watch him brutally force open her innocent hole, tearing and torturing her with every second. I can feel her screaming into my pussy, and feeling her screams and seeing her writhing body, only makes me wetter. He then takes out a thick wooden cane and begins to hit her with it while I am riding her face.  He smiles and tells me he has a treat for me. He walks away and returns with an empty beer bottle, I watch as he inserts the bottle into her bloody hole, he pushes it completely in. I lift off of her face long enough to hear her scream. I climb off of her, because I see he has picked up the cane again, and I know what he is going to do, I lean over the poor girl and look at her face, when he brings the cane down hard on her hips/clit, although I dont hear the bottle break, I see her eyes bluge out and the intensity of her screams made my pussy gush and while she laid there in extreme pain, he came up behind me and fucked me over her body.

When it comes to twisted and extreme rape fantasy fun you won’t find a more willing partner. There are no limits when we role play accomplice, kidnapping and rape fantasy calls. I encourage you to bring me all of your sick and twisted fantasies.  Kidnapping, extreme brutal rape fantasies, torture, snuff… anything that’s going to make you cum and cum hard is what I’m after,  so give me a call today for your very own twisted phone sex fantasy!

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