Perverted Incest Fantasy Role Play With Mommy

Perverted Incest Mommy

Perverted Incest Fantasies Come True –

What do you dream of happening during a perverted incest phone sex call with a Mommy? Does she walk in on you attempting to masturbate and even perhaps offer to help you? You know that Mommy has stroked many cocks over the years, but she hasn’t played with Daddy’s in a very long time. She is horny for a much younger, bigger, eager cock. Listen to the sound of my voice describe my soft hands fondling your naughty boy parts as my big breasts squeeze together as the fabric of my bath robe falls open, exposing my huge mounds and gorgeous nipples. My tits hang slightly as I start to lean over towards you and my nipple finds it’s way into your mouth.

During our perverted incest phone sex fantasy I tell you that our playtime together will have to be our little secret.  You can’t tell anyone at school and you definitely can’t tell Daddy. He might not like that I am having all of this very naughty incest with you. I think he might be jealous of how much more you sexually pleasure my body and mind than he does. Once we start playing our incest games together there is no end to the excitement we can have.  Examples are things like you licking my pussy under my dress at the park, picking you up from school and blowing you in the car on the way home as we sit parked somewhere. I’ll even take you for ice cream if you give me your cream too, baby. It turns me on to hear your vulnerability over the phone when you completely let go and have Mommy control you. She knows what is best for your horny cock. She can explain to you why it’s getting bigger and what all of those funny feelings are that you are having. She can show you how to make a woman reach and incredible orgasm and you can be her special little man of the house on our perverted incest phone sex call.

Call Mommy soon to have your very own perverted incest call with me!

Rhonda – 1-877-953-7369


  1. Suckwhore Onmyknees on December 1, 2018 at 7:18 PM

    I’m an orphan suckwhore and I wish for a pervert couple to adopt me and ageplay, degrade, humiliate and abuse me into submission. They slap and spank mytitties, pussy&ass, force-feed me daddycock and of course if they really think I’m not obedient enough, force me to let our huge dog mount my face and video me greedily slurping drooling and choking as dog rapes my throat. They make sure it’s clear to me where my place is: on my knees at the bottom of the totem pole: I must submit to every family member who got tbere before me,obeying their orders to play out their twisted fantasies.

  2. Rhonda on December 3, 2018 at 2:50 PM

    Ok onmyknees,

    You sound like the perfect little fuck doll to play with! Give me a call and I’ll make sure all your perverted twisted fantasies cum true!


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