Preteen Princess Gets Knocked up by Perverted Daddy

Preteen Princes Gets Pregnant by Daddy

Preteen Pregnant by Her Daddy –

Hi guys, I’m Jodi a preteen fantasy princess who loves Daddy fantasies!  But I have to admin, even more so when you mix something super kinky and deliciously perverted in there like potty play, rape, or even impregnation phone sex. That’s right, I think incest fantasies are extremely naughty in nature but fantasizing about Daddy knocking me up really makes me horny!

I had a very naughty phone sex role play with a perverted phone sex caller yesterday who wanted to talk about that exact incest phone sex fantasy. He was my perverted Daddy and I was his little preteen daughter that he wanted to get pregnant.  He was looking for a little cock teasing seduction to start while he lubed up his cock and began to stroke.  So I dressed up in a cute little tube top and super short skirt, and went into my Daddy’s office to seduce him.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of me, and when I hopped up on his lap I felt his dick get so hard that it made a tent in his pants! I wasn’t wearing any panties and I lifted my skirt to flash my bald pussy at him. He told me I should stop, but I wrapped my arms around Daddy’s neck and started to kiss him. He started to kiss me back, and I felt him open his pants. Daddy took his big cock and rubbed it on my slippery gash. I was so wet, and when Daddy pushed it in it didn’t hurt at all! He put his hands on my butt and rocked me up and down on his cock, slipping it deeper inside of me with every thrust!

When he got close to cumming, Daddy told me we should stop. That’s when I told him no, I wanted him to cum inside of me! I told him how bad I wanted him to get me pregnant and give me a baby. He tried to say no, but my pussy felt so good that Daddy just couldn’t bear to lift me off his dick! “Give me a baby, Daddy. Get me pregnant!” I told him, over and over. When he came he shouted so loud, then told me how cute I was going to be with my big belly!

I know this sounds a bit extreme for an incest phone sex fantasy, getting me pregnant and all, but it was so much fun and I can’t wait to play with him again! If you are a perverted Daddy and looking to get a preteen pregnant for your fantasy, then I’m the girl for you!  Or any type of perverted phone sex fantasy you’d like to role play with me is good with me.  Call me and I’ll let you knock me up or do some other dirty things to and with me too!  Can’t wait to play with you soon!

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411

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