Rape Role Play: Incest Mommy for Forced Strap On Play

Rape Role Play Phone Sex With Mommy Vera

Rape role play fantasies turn me on…  How would you feel if your loving mommy suddenly turned on you and you found yourself woken up in the middle of the night in the middle of a forced rape phone sex fantasy? Mmmm, sounds like a hot incest phone sex fantasy call doesn’t it?  Has this scenario ever crossed your mind making your cock stiff?  If not, read on because it may just do that!

You were shocked as you woke up to find your teenage hands and feet bound to the bed, a ball gag in your mouth to prevent you from waking your daddy and your mother stroking and sucking your cock.  You could feel yourself becoming aroused and your hard cock only added to the humiliation that you felt at being tied down and unable to control what was about to happen to you.

You had to admit, having mommy in total control of your cock wasn’t all that bad, but then this phone sex and rape role play took a more sinister turn…

When your cock was throbbing and you found yourself pumping your hips up against her mouth, she knew she had you right where she wanted you.  She reached under the bed and pulled out a vibrating strap on which was long, thick and black.  As she strapped it on and smiled at you, you began to cry.  Of course, the ball gag made your cries sound like moans and this excited her even more.

As she mounted you and began to push that big cock up against your virgin ass you looked up into her eyes, pleading with her to stop but your raging hard cock was telling her that you wanted this just as much as she did.

I’ll bet you never thought that a rape role play or an incest mommy phone sex fantasy encounter could be so intense, did you?  A rape role play phone sex fantasy can be very invigorating when you are at the mercy of a mature and experienced woman like myself.

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  1. James on October 27, 2018 at 7:02 AM

    Vera, you make me so horny talking like this, you raping my tight virgin asshole would force me to cum so hard!!

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