Twisted Erotic Encounters

Erotic Phone Sex Encounters with Blair

Looking for an erotic conversation over the telephone that make you cum hard?  I’m Blair and I love erotic phone sex fantasies as much as the next girl, but what I love even more is sharing some of my very own twisted erotic encounters from my real life experiences.

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, sometimes revisiting some of those really naughty things that I’ve done real-time during one of my very kinky and erotic role play phone sex calls, makes my pussy drip with juice and my clitty start to twitch. Once my clit starts twitching, there’s no way to stop it unless I rub it just the right way to make me cum really hard!

If you have really hot and erotic fantasies that you’d like to talk about them or even role play them with a woman who will think they are just as hot as you do – then call me – I’m just the lady you’re looking for. The more perverted the better!

It would be almost impossible for me to tell you all of the different types of kinky phone sex fantasies and erotic encounters that I do during calls. One reason is that what is considered extreme by one person, might not seem that way  to another. Everybody has a different level they are willing to go and I say “to each his own”. I’ll never make you feel uncomfortable about your fantasy or fetish and I’ll certainly never make you feel embarrassed because you aren’t as experienced as other’s with the things you want to talk about. I’ll teach you everything I know and maybe you can teach me new things too!

Let’s get together and decide how far you’d like to take your erotic conversation with me during your fantasy call.  Let’s turn it into one of the most exciting, erotic fantasy phone sex calls you’ll ever experience.

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

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