Wicked Torture for Twisted Deviant Accomplice Fun

Are you a dirty deviant looking for a wicked torture fantasy phone sex role play? Then keep reading, because you cannot get more extreme than this for a fantasy phone sex scenario.

I’m Debbie, your extreme phone sex accomplice and she’s young; really young.  I’ve lured her into our car with the promise of finding her Mommy in this very wicked torturous accomplice phone sex fantasy.  We’ll drive her around pretending we’re looking, and then tell her we’re going to take her home with us until we find her Mommy.  She’s ok with that because she’s too young to know any better.  We have our “dungeon” all set up, because we’ve done this before.  All of our twisted and wicked torture “tools and toys” are ready.  You do remember the thing called the “ToyBox” don’t you… all that news it generated… well, ours is almost like that.  Straps, ties, ropes, scissors, prongs, tweezers, clamps, scissors, electrical wires, whips, chains, blades, knives and anything else your wicked mind could possibly imagine!  My favorites are the blades and knives.  I love shiny metal objects.

Twisted bloody playtime for sexual deviants

Anyway, back to our wicked torture and twisted rape phone sex fantasy…  Our little bitch is tied up; whimpering, sobbing, and crying out for her Mommy!  The other plus, is that our little dungeon is sound-proofed.  HA!  No one will ever hear her cries of torture.  What do you want to do to her first baby?

I am quite fond of the idea of putting scratches all over her body with my blades and knives.  Maybe you could just choke her little throat out with your cock while I do that.  Who the hell wants to hear her screaming anyway?  Even though her screams excite us even more, I’d still love to see your cock bulging through her throat!  Let me slash away at that soft pretty skin while you rape her for the very first time.  Break right the fuck through her hymen and make that little pussy bleed all over your cock.  You know the sight of blood excites my pussy and makes it gush even more when I am the perfect accomplice for our sick, twisted devious playtime with blood.

If you’re asking yourself where can we take this perverted, and very twisted accomplice phone sex fantasy, the answer is too the ends of the Earth, that’s where!  Nothing is too wrong for me when we play in my deviant fantasyland.  I’ll get as fucking nasty with you as you like it.  Don’t be a pussy either, you know you’ve been thinking these wicked torture thoughts for a long time now.  I told you in the beginning, if extreme phone sex is what you want, you’ll get just that with me!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

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  1. Chris on August 16, 2020 at 9:24 PM

    Hi Debbie. I really want to do this fantasy with you and I know which little girl I want to pretend its about. Please email me!

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